Anything I Can Do, WE Can Do Better

Help bring sponsorship to 30 children!

  • Terri Gracy-Udoh sponsored Maria in Brazil

    1 year ago

Anything I Can Do, WE Can Do Better

Why Care? Because it's not fair that you and I won the geography lottery while others lost. Why Sponser? Because you won't stand to see children abused, sold, traded, left hungry or excluded from education. Why World Vision? Because want to know your money is used well and creates sustainable solutions, not bandaids. You want to invest in a better tomorrow. You believe in hand ups, not hand outs. Why Today? Because tomorrow might be too late & you won't risk a child's life.

About World Vision Sponsorship

How does the sponsorship process work?

Choose a girl or boy

Choose a girl or boy in need to sponsor for an ongoing commitment of $39 a month. You are the only sponsor for this child.

Choose a girl or boy

You'll get a packet with photos and more. Then your child will send you a letter!

Choose a girl or boy

Watch your child and community grow. You can send email, cards, photos, packages, and more, or even visit!

World Vision sponsorship is different

It's not a handout

It's a hand up! We come alongside children, families, and communities to provide tools, training, and hope so they can become self-sufficient.

It's child focused and community-based

You'll get to know, love, and encourage a specific child while helping fund resources and improvements that benefit them and their community.

It serves ALL people with Christ's love

Motivated by our faith in Jesus, we serve all children regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or gender. We go where other organizations can't.

It's time tested

We've been around for over 60 years, and we have refined our approach to cultivate a full solution to poverty and injustice.